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What you should know about the seed server?
The server will allow you seed money to repair and replenish higher speeds.
The home internet connection upload speed is very low so you can not appropriate money to improve speed.
Each user is allocated a space to get the right package of technical capabilities available.
Server rental you can reduce your power consumption is also more time to get anything else.

How may upload/download from the server?
FTP transfer!
To all packets ensure FTP access!
- 1. step: You open it it FlashFXP you are FTP used by you client!
- 2. step (in case of FlashFXP): You open it the fast contacts been keen on! Or you press it it F8! image
- 3. step: you set the data! Copy it the server title then the user name and the password, the port 21! image
- IP/a waiter's name in all cases the name of the own server! What you obtained at the time of the order! eg: best1.bestbox.be
- SSL/TLS/FXP on all servers allowing is! If FXP is out of order test it without encryption!

When should I use this type of service?
In practically all cases, if you do not have an internet connection with at least the same or similar upload bandwidth than they can download.

What is the seed server?
- Should not be day and night on your machine, the home machine just have to deal with downloading
- much faster than you can achieve higher upload a better rate, moreover, can become a seeder on the tracker.
- renewed packages, new prices, greater storage
- the FTP server Jerold maximum speed (sebességeddel own net), you can download your files downloaded from the web space, even if during seed food!

The seed server is active or passive mode?
The server is of course active mode.

How long is the service?

All package prices 30 days refers to a declaration of loyalty there.
Everyone has the option to pay a lump sum for several months.
In the case where a time min. 3 months is paid, you -5% discount was gift!
If you want to extend your access to it Do it before the expiration date!

How do I communicate with the service provider?
If you're not a customer will find the contact information below Contact section!
Here you have even online(e-mail) to order through!

What options do I have to pay?
Currently only PayPal, IBAN bank transfer and credit card payment possible!
PayPal is not necessary to the payment with a drawer to take action!

What client access or provide you cooking for the torrent?
Usually in this three will meet:
Web TorrentFlux client + FTP
r'torrent client + FTP
Windows Remote Desktop Connection + uTorrent client and/or WebUI + FTP.
At us: r'torrent client(Webui) + FTP.

This message see in web: No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running...
This is general r'torrent mistake! It means that the client is frozen or stopped because of a fault. You just have to restart your client by clicking on the Client Restart menu after login.
If this does not solve the problem please contact us!

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