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Customer and service provider
Service provider the bestbox.be; customer natural one paying the order though, legal entity.

The service provider's rights and his duties
The service provider undertakes it, that following the payment, activates it inside at most a workday and puts the ordered service at the customer's disposal/services.
The service provider undertakes it, that the service/services on a year level at least 99,8%-os provides it to the customer beside being available. In as much he does not manage to accomplish this, the customer has a right a weekly one (7 days) to claim post-free prolongation.
The service provider has rights to him the service/to ban services without a warning, in as much that primary conditions of contract (present document, in additional ones Terms of Service) offends one of his dots.
The service provider voucher in any kind of legal or criminal responsibility for the contents placed on the collection places. This falls to the customer in all cases.
The service provider reserves the right of Terms of Service one-sided alteration. The service provider offers information about Terms of Service changing through the head side in all cases.

The customer's rights and his duties
The customer undertakes it, that his collection place/contents placed on his collection places they do not clash into international measures and conventions.
The customer full is accountable on his collection place/for substances stored on his collection places.
The data of his duty granted in the client gate lasting up-to-date is the customer.
Does not stand a service ordered from the service provider in his right for the customer/services to market.

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